I'm Creative and think Outside the Box. 
This is awkward.   I don't like to brag, but I don't know how to tell you what benefits you'll get from using me without it. 
With a background in a number of related fields, I can often come up with innovative solutions to unique problems.
A Few Examples:
I once sold a house to a client and good friend, but when he went for financing they turned him down flat, said there was nothing they could do.   He asked to speak to the Department Head, a personal friend of his, and again after looking at his situation in depth, was told there was nothing they could do, he didn't qualify for the loan.   I got involved and was told the same thing.   I asked in depth questions and determined that he didn't qualify because his debt to income ratio was far too high, but I knew that he was a single payment away from paying off several large consumer loans (a washer and dryer).   He had the money in his pocket to pay them off.   He did, brought the releases to the Credit Union, his Debt to Income Ratio was satisfactory and he was approved for the loan.   Shouldn't the Loan Company have spotted this?  Absolutely  --  but they didn't, not even the Supervisor who was his personal friend and normally quite sharp.  It's just that there are so many things going on in a typical real estate transaction, that sometimes important things get overlooked, and frequently people are so set in their way of doing things, they might miss possibilities.  I think analytically and know where to look and what to look for to solve many problems. 


In another situation I found a house that was perfect for my clients with the exception that there was no direct connection between the kitchen and formal dining room.    That was the style of some builders in the late 1960's.    The Living room and Kitchen were on one side of a 20 foot long wall and the dining room (with entry off the foyer) was on the other side.    The 40 foot walk (20' each way) was a deal breaker.   My suggestion was to get an estimate from a contractor to cut a passageway between the two rooms, ask the Seller to pay for it and raise the sales price slightly to compensate.    But it's a Bearing Wall the buyers protested! But $800 later (including a $150 poly-laminated header beam and strengthened side posts to support the weight), installed prior to closing and paid for by the Seller out of his closing proceeds (no cash in advance needed), and we had a deal and a house that my buyers absolutely love to this day. 


One client was about to sell his house and planned to offer a repair allowance.   I suggested that Buyers tend to over-estimate smaller costs and low ball their offers.   I pointed out that he severely deteriorated and squirrel chewed fascia boards would cost him around $4,000 in lost value but he could have them replaced at a cost of under $400 (his actual cost was $250).   All in all, other small repairs cost under $1,000 and saved him between $6,000 and $8,000 dollars that would have been lost.   Now I realize that not everyone can afford to make repairs to sell their houses, but if you can, SOME (but not all) repairs are often well worth your time and effort.   We can offer our expert suggestions as to what will and what won't be of benefit.   Hint: installing a new sewer line or all new plumbing will not add any more value than a much less expensive repair, because it is not visible.   Sure, you or I would recognize the value, but the "typical buyer" will seldom pay extra. 


One client was buying a house using his VA eligibility (a wonderful program), they were locked in on his Lender's Interest Rates.  This was back when interest rates were climbing.  They qualified at his locked in rates, however rates had gone up to the point that if they didn't get loan approval immediately, they would not qualify at the higher rates.  I'd been keeping in touch with the Lender, but something told me to delve deeper where we learned the Lender had forgotten to send the loan packet for approval and if it didn't arrive today, the lock would expire and my buyers wouldn't get the house of their dreams.  When they realized this, the loan officer panicked and called for a courier to hand deliver the loan package to the Veterans Administration in Muskogee.  Realizing the courier couldn't arrive in time, I asked if I could hand deliver it and we had no other options. 

Well, we actually had a second problem — the time it normally takes to drive to Muskogee — we had 15 minutes less, and I was still inside the Lender's Office.  I arrived at the VA Offices just after the Security Guard had locked the outer doors and was walking away.  It was apparent that he was used to people arriving at the last minute and was not in the least moved by my pleas.  It took all the negotiating skills I could muster to arrive at the fewest words that would resonate with the guard to gain entry and I did.  Had we thought about getting a courier literally 5 more seconds, we would have missed it, but the loan was approved, and the Buyers never knew how close they came to losing their dream home.  That's the thing with real estate  —  problems frequently arise, it's unusual if they don't   —   it's just that you seldom hear about them.  If it was actually as easy as we make it seem, we as Realtors, would have been out of a job years ago. 


Between management, appraisal, engineering, real estate lending and 40 years in the real estate business, my experience can be invaluable to you in your real estate transactions, whether it's listing a property for sale, helping you find the home of your dreams or helping negotiate the sale, you'll benefit from my experience and breadth of knowledge in a multitude of areas.   Please take a look at my Testimonials to see how this wide range of experience have helped others get into or sell their homes. 


Call today, I look forward to working with you!